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    August Tweens and Teens Workshop

    Weekly 12th to 30th August 2019

    In this fun and interactive workshop, Faieza and I show kids how to create an art journal and various art media ideas on how to fill the journal. Also included is practical life skills which we discuss and express through art. 

    Kids don’t always know how to express themselves verbally as they can get overwhelmed by their feelings and it is hard for them to identify what they are feeling. Art journaling helps them to process what they are feeling and express this externally so that these feelings are not bottled up inside.

    Through these expressions, Kids start to feel better about themselves and their environment and they find the right words to use for explaining how they feel.

    My workshops are designed to teach coping life skills in a fun and interactive way which can be intergrated into their everyday lives. These coping life skills are positive mindsets and reframing techniques that they will use for their rest of their lives to enrich their lives. 

    By being creative while learning these tools, Kids get a chance to unwind and to just be, which is a MUST in their busy lives of today.

    The program for the Tweens and Teens Workshops runs for a 5 day period Monday to Friday, from 9h30 to 12h30. The workshop is repeated every week for a three week period. The program is as follows:

    Day 1

    Decorate the cover of their journal. Discussion about the practical creative tools used in the art journal, how being creative can help them work through issues through using different mediums of art and creativity which will be shown to them throughout the week by doing lots of creative exercises in their journal. Creativity time in their journal. Candle and watercolour / decorating journals

    Day 2

    Self love and Self Care – we explore the meaning of this and what it means individually to each person. We look at body image and self esteem and change the negatives into positives through discussion and creativity so that there is a healthy body image and confidence in how each person sees themselves. Pastels and Sharpies

    Day 3

    We explore the power of words and how they can hurt people. How each person understands the words said to them and how they direct this into negative belief systems about themselves. Through using creativity, we change this perception into a more positive way of looking at it by learning to ask questions that are relevant to the words used at the time. Creating mandalas

    Day 4

    My hands are an extension of myself – this is a fun exercise showing our hands are an extension of ourselves. We show how to look after your hands and nails, do a manicure and then we also show how your hands have power points that can be massaged when you are feeling anxious or have a headache etc. Pastels and Inks

    Day 5

    Closing day and through creativity we will explore the power of gratitude, filling my bucket and emotions – how to use different art medias to identify emotions and going forward how to utilise all that has been learned in the week as coping skills that can be used at any time. Drawing / Doodling / Zentangling

    Cost of a full week is R 750.00 per child

    One day attendance will be R 200 per child

    10% discount will be given for groups of 3 or more or for siblings – also for early bird payments by the 3rd August

    For more info contact Michelle at